If you are experiencing pain, there may be another solution than taking medication or surgery. Conforti Crossroads Chiropractic heals you naturally. Many people in the Tampa Bay area choose to visit Dr. Bodanza and associates when they’re suffering with pain and want some relief.

For years now, we’ve been making “adjustments” on patients in order to remove blockages in their nerves. With a focus on your spine (spinal decompression) or cervix (cervical decompression), our doctors and staff use natural methods such as hand manipulation to facilitate your healing.

Do you have lower back pain? That’s the number one reason patients come to see us and we can help with that. We’re also good at healing scoliosis, sciatica, asthma and a whole host of problems causing you pain. For instance, do you have chronic headaches? How about ear infections? Are you pregnant and about to scream because it’s not going well? Call us for an appointment; we’re here to help give you much-needed relief.

At Conforti Crossroads Chiropractic, we take a whole-body approach. So, in addition to making chiropractic adjustments, maybe you’ll need massage therapy, or, perhaps, nutritional counseling? We’ll do what we can to help you look and feel better.

Our goal is to help you live a better life. That means helping you function at your fullest. We are health and wellness, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment. Conforti Crossroads Chiropractic’s office is “like family,” so if you’re looking for a friendly chiropractor who is easy to talk to, and a supportive staff who’ll welcome you with open arms, this is the place to be in Tampa!